What We Do

The Public Safety team is available 24/7, providing uniformed presence, emergency response, and courtesy services to our campus community.  Our dispatch center can be contacted any time—day or night—at 312-329-4357, or by simply dialing HELP (x4357) from any campus phone.  For non-emergency safety concerns, we also offer a TIPS line.  To leave a message, dial TIPS (x8477) from any campus phone.

The two primary pillars of our mission are life safety and the protection of property.  To this end, our officers actively patrol the campus and surrounding areas using a combination of foot and vehicle patrol while our dispatchers and desk workers maintain access to campus-wide CCTV.  This combination of active uniformed patrol and remote monitoring provides an effective deterrent to crime and allows us to respond quickly and efficiently when necessary.

Our list of courtesy services include:

  • CPR/First Aid
  • Vehicle unlocks and vehicle jumpstarts
  • On campus security escorts and assistance with directions
  • Campus ID Badges (key card access)
  • Room and building unlocks
  • Bicycle permits and parking permits (see Facilities Office in Crowell basement)
  • Suspicious call follow up
  • On campus video surveillance
  • Fire Alarms/Fire Extinguisher training
  • Assistance with accident and Chicago Police Department reports


Our department is staffed by a combination of full-time police officers, full-time security officers, and part-time student employees.  Every full-time officer has received a minimum of 20 hours of training and is certified by the state of Illinois.  We supplement state certification with additional training requirements for first aidfire safety, emergency operations procedures, use of force, criminal investigation, and sexual assault response, as well as other professional development spanning a variety of disciplines.

The majority of our officers also have Crisis Intervention Training that educates them on how to effectively respond to a mental health crisis.  This extensive, 40 hour long training is specifically designed to train law enforcement officers on mental illnesses, behaviors, medications, and the way mental illness effects friends and family close to those with mental illness.

Moody Public Safety works with Residence Life, the Dean of Students, and Counseling Services to safely and effectively de-escalate mental health and other potentially dangerous situations at hand. Being trained to recognize and respond to these situations helps promote the safety and security of everyone involved. Please reach out to Public Safety if you or someone you know is involved in a mental health crisis by calling HELP (4357) on any campus phone, or 312-329-4357 on any non-campus phone.

If you have any other questions regarding our officers’ training or how they handle mental health crisis, please feel free to email us at public.safety@moody.edu.

Community Education & Service

Despite our best efforts, we are unable to be everywhere or observe every potential threat.  This is why we also emphasize educating students, faculty, and staff on ways they can take ownership and contribute to the safety of our entire campus community.  This is accomplished through the information available on this website, social media, crime reporting, and campus events throughout the year.  We’re committed to ensuring that everyone has access to the information necessary to keep themselves and others safe.

We also offer a number of safety-related courtesy services, including safety escorts, building and room unlocks, jump starts, and vehicle lockouts.

Access Control

Our access control consists of multiple facets, including officer presence at various security desks on campus, identification policies, electronic access controls, camera surveillance, and strategic campus planning.  We work closely with other departments to support the Moody Bible Institute’s commitment to maintaining an open campus in the heart of downtown Chicago without sacrificing the safety and security of our students, faculty, and staff.

Criminal Investigation

As a cerified police department, Moody Public Safety is responsible for criminal investigations on campus, in cooperation with outside law enforcement agencies as appropriate.  Our officers are professionally trained in investigation and interview techniques, and many of our cases are successfully resolved internally without the need for outside agency involvement.  For student violations, we work closely with Residence Life and Student Development to ensure not only applicable disciplinary action, but also access to counseling resources and other ongoing care as needed.

We strive to conduct investigations with the utmost respect for the privacy and dignity of everyone in our campus community.  We maintain a private space for interviews, reporting, and other potentially sensitive community interactions, and we carefully curate information during active investigations.

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