ID Policies

A campus ID Badge is issued by Public Safety and is for personal use only. It is assigned to a specific user and shouldn’t be shared. Any ID Badge found in the possession of a person other than the person it was issued to will be confiscated and given to the Chief of Public Safety. If an ID is lost, contact Public Safety immediately to have it deactivated.

A student ID Badge is issued to every student currently taking classes on campus. When the student graduates or takes a semester off, they must turn in their student ID to Public Safety.

Replacement ID Badges can be obtained from the Public Safety Office for $15. If an ID is expired,  damaged or faded, it will be replaced at no charge upon presentation in the Public Safety office. The expired, damaged or faded ID Badge must be brought to the Public Safety to receive a free replacement. If an ID is stolen, it can be replaced without charge if a copy of a police report is provided from the jurisdiction where the theft occured. 

 ID Requests


Alumni may request an Alumni ID Card from the Alumni Office in Smith Hall. The Alumni Office will confirm their Alumni and complete a request form which can be taken to the Public Safety office for the ID card to be made. Alumni ID cards allow access to the Crowell Library. Alumni must sign in at all other Public Safety desks and wait for the person they are visiting to come and greet them.

Contractors and Vendors

For contractors only visiting campus for one or two days with a Moody employee escort, a contractor ID is not required. They may be signed in as a visitor while their Moody escort is present. 

Moody supervisors will need to complete a request form, as well as obtain completed, signed background check forms, along with copies of a driver's license or state ID from contractors who are regularly working on a project on campus. Please contact to obtain these required forms. Please allow up to 5 business days for processing.

Please Note: Moody Public Safety reserves the right to revoke/disable contractor IDs for policy violations, including accessing areas not assigned to that contractor's work assignment. 

Library Card

Library Cards are made for library patrons at the request of the library. These cards only allow access to the Crowell Library in the Sweeting Center. These are mainly used by alumni and people living nearby. For more information, contact the Circulation Supervisor at Ext. 3571 or 4136.

Solheim Affiliates

Affiliate memberships to the Solheim Center are available through Solheim. More information can be found on Solheim's website.

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