First Aid

Emergency First Aid

Each of our officers is required to obtain first aid and CPR/AED certification through the American Red Cross.  Our patrol officers have immediate access to first aid supplies, AEDs, and an evacuation chair at all times.  Our officers are trained to provide critical care in potentially life-threatening emergencies and coordinate with city services to ensure a quick and efficient response.  If you require emergency first aid on campus, call 312-329-HELP (4357), or just dial HELP (4357) directly from any campus phone.

Non-Emergency First Aid

For non-emergency first aid and medical care, Moody’s Health Services department is located in the Alumni Student Center on level 2; they can be contacted during business hours at 312-329-4417.  Our officers can also provide first aid for minor injuries and can supply bandages, ice packs, and other items as needed.  If you need non-emergency care on campus, don't hesitate to contact us.

Workplace Injuries

If you’re injured in any way on the job, regardless of severity, please notify us immediately so that an officer can ensure the injury is properly treated and documented.  This is a requirement for all Moody employees and ensures that you can receive the appropriate care and/or applicable benefits if needed. 

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