Driving Approval Information

It is the policy of Moody Bible Institute that all employees and students using motor vehicles for Institute business must go through an approval process. The Approval Process consists of the following elements: 

  • Agreement to Institute Vehicle Use Policies 
  • A Driving History Check
  • Successful Completion of an Online Defensive Driving Course.

Driving approval can take five business days or more to process so please submit your approval request well in advance of any scheduled vehicle use.

Drivers are subject to annual renewal of their driving approval. Drivers must be reapproved, including the driving history check and defensive driving course every three years. To confirm the requirements whether you need to be renewed or reapproved, please contact parking@moody.edu. 

Approval Process

  1. Read the Vehicle Use Policy,
  2. Take a photo of the front and back of your driver's license. 
  3. Complete the Driving Approval Form.
  4. Complete an online Defensive Driving Course (Instructions will be emailed by the Parking and Access team after completing a record search of your driver's licenses).

Renewal Process

  1. Complete the Driving Approval Renewal Form.

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