Employee Parking Information

Parking Policies 

Employees must stop by the Public Safety Office to fill out an application and pick up their permit. 

Parking permits are required to be displayed on all vehicles parked on campus.

Full-time employee benefits include a parking permit for one personal vehicle to be parked on campus while working. Employees who own more than one vehicle that they plan to drive to work regularly may obtain additional permits, as needed. The types of parking permits and related restrictions for employees are determined by the employee's department and responsibilities.

Normal employee parking privileges are daytime only; daytime is considered 5 a.m.–midnight. We do not offer overnight parking for employees.

 Employees and faculty must park in these designated levels in the parking garage:

  • Level 0.5 – Executives and faculty (there are no reserved spaces)
  • Levels 1.0-3.0 – Employees
  • Levels 3.5-6.0 – Reserved for On-campus students. Employee vehicles found on these levels will be ticketed. 

*Faculty are able to park anywhere on levels 0.5-3.0 with their permit.  

We would also like to clarify some of our current policies that will continue to be in effect:

  • Employees are not permitted to park overnight for any reason other than for work purposes.
  • All employees must park in their designated areas.
  • Parking passes are not to be emailed out by any department for any reason. All guest passes must come from the Public Safety Department.


All students, employees, faculty, and visitors will be ticketed if they are found in violation of our policy. Vehicle owners will be responsible for paying any fines for violations they receive.

All Violations: $25 Fine*

Mutiple Violations: $25 Fine and Tow sticker*

Excessive Violations: Tow or Boot at vehicle owner’s expense*



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