Parking Violations

Parking violations are issued for the following reasons:

  • Parking without valid permit
  • Parking in the wrong lot/space
  • Improperly displayed permit
  • Parking in a reserved space
  • Violating posted parking instructions
  • Parking outside of a marked space
  • Parking in an ADA (American with Disabilities Act)-reserved space without an ADA hangtag or license plate (The cross-hatched area next to the space is considered part of that space.)
  • Expired state license plate
  • Parking vehicle longer than 2 weeks without moving it. 

Violation Penalties

Parking violations will be penalized by the following:

Violation Results In ...
1st violation Written Warning
2nd violation $25 fine
3rd violation $50 fine (Tow Sticker)
All further violations Tow at vehicle owner’s expense


Further Information

  • All tickets are subject to appeal by use of Violation Appeal Form, which must be completed within 5 business days after ticket is issued. This does not guarantee that the violation will be overturned.
  • All fines must be paid in the Public Safety Office via check, cash or card.
  • Excessive parking violations or habitual conflicts may result in an ineligibility to purchase or obtain parking permits.

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Parking Violation Appeal

All tickets are subject to appeal by use of Violation Appeal Form, which must be completed within 5 Business days after the ticket is issued.

Parking Violation Appeal Form Parking Violation Appeal Form